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Celebrity NYC personal trainer Kevin Richardson’s Naturally Intense High Intensity Training™ is an award winning, lifestyle based program of diet & exercise that will help you lose weight & achieve the highest possible level of fitness WITHOUT SPENDING HOURS AT THE GYM! Featured in The Wall Street Journal & CBS, Kevin’s science based 10 MINUTE HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING WORKOUTS (HIT) & personalized dietary guides will help you burn fat, build muscle & transform your body without cardio with a time commitment of only ½ HOUR A WEEK! Kevin and his team of star trainers won the Best of Manhattan Awards for Personal Training for 3 consecutive years, with hundreds of satisfied customers over the past 24 years & 5 star reviews across the internet, YOU HAVE TO TRY IT! We offer:

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Kevin trains CBS On The Couch Co-Host Lisa Kerney-

Kevin Richardson is a drug free bodybuilding champion, an internationally recognized authority on high intensity training, an acclaimed fitness writer & one of the most sought after personal trainers in New York City.

Call Kevin & his team at 1-800-798-8420.

Understanding the process:

After a brisk warm-up, you’ll be carried through the paces of a 10 minute high intensity workout with one of our certified trainers and you’ll:








All from science based, brief high intensity workouts combined with PERSONALIZED DIETARY GUIDES designed to help you get the most results out of your training.

Understanding the science:

Recognized peer reviewed studies validate the superiority of brief high intensity workouts (HIT) for weight loss over conventional training programs without the need for aerobics.

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WHO is it for?

80% of our clients are regular people simply seeking to lose weight!

That being said, our high intensity training programs are for anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals without spending hours at the gym regardless of age, gender of fitness levels! Past and current clients include:

People Seeking Long Term Weight Loss Via Lifestyle Change

Brides/ Grooms  

Fitness Models & Bikini Competitors



Dancers, Actors & Performers

Celebrities & Business Executives

Natural Bodybuilders

Mixed Martial Artists


Track & Field Athletes

Marathon Runners

And everyday people of all ages and fitness levels looking to tone up, lose weight and get into better shape without supplements, extreme diets & excessive amounts of time at the gym.

Have questions?

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Our team of Certified Naturally Intense™ Personal Trainers are available at our main training facility in the Midtown Manhattan/Flatiron/Chelsea area at 22 West 19th Street, New York, NY 10011 or we can come to you!

Personal Trainer NYC Kevin Richardson’s Naturally Intense High Intensity Training- Weight Loss, Diet Coaching Services- Winner Best of Manhattan Awards For Personal Training.

About Our Training:

Naturally Intense High Intensity Training™ is a series of joint-safe high intensity training exercises that uses compound weight training movements to take you to the peak of your physical ability, whether your goal is to lose a significant amount of weight, look great on the beach, compete in a bodybuilding or bikini competition, increase your athletic performance or simply improve your overall health and well being. Each high intensity training workout is based on your individual ability and since our high intensity workouts only last 10 minutes, it’s an exercise program that anyone can realistically do.

Unlike other popular HIT training programs to ensure a consistent pattern of progress and reduce the likelihood of injury, every workout is completely unique and customized to the trainee’s exercise threshold using a wide range of training techniques. With high intensity training, recovery is an essential part of the equation and so for optimal results, training is done no more than three times a week.

Read more about the science of short high intensity workouts here

Our Dietary Approach

Without a proper diet designed to your individual needs and goals, the most intense workouts will yield little in terms of results, especially if weight loss is your goal. Thus personalized dietary guides are included in all of our personal training packages. All of our clients receive a customized dietary guide that takes the guesswork out of what you need to eat and when. Guides that are designed around your schedules, eating habits and goals and we work tirelessly to adjust your food intake and food selections to ensure a truly personalized fit. In keeping with Kevin’s holistic approach, there are no extreme starvation-type diets, no calorie restrictive practices, nor are there any supplements or dietary aids. Instead we focus only on natural and unprocessed food and teach the skills required to make healthy eating a consistent part of our clients’ lives. Over the years we have helped our clients do everything from lose over 100 lbs to getting into cover model shape, but our true success lies not in helping our clients lose weight or create sculpted and toned bodies, but in teaching the lifestyle changes needed for them to maintain their accomplishments.

Additional Services Available:

Call Today To Get Started at 1-800-798-8420

Personal Trainer NYC Kevin Richardson’s Naturally Intense High Intensity Training & Weight Loss & Dietary Support Personal Training Services

Training is done at our main location in the Flatiron, Chelsea, Soho, Gramercy Park and Midtown Manhattan areas, however in home personal training is available in the following neighborhoods:

Upper West Side Lower East Side The Financial District  Tribeca Greenwich Village East Village West Village

Upper East Side Wall Street Brooklyn, New York

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No Cardio! Just Three 10 Minute High Intensity Workouts A Week & Proper Diet!

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No Cardio! Just Three Short High Intensity Workouts A Week & Proper Diet!

Success Story- Natural Figure Competitor & Naturally Intense Trainer, Christine Coen

No Cardio! Just Three Short High Intensity Workouts A Week & Proper Diet!

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