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Naturally Intense Personal Training NYC Reviews

26 years of outstanding personal training reviews as the 10 Minute workouts of Naturally Intense High Intensity Training™ and Kevin’s holistic dietary approach have not only transformed lives but also redefined how we think about diet and exercise. Here is what some of our clients have had to say about their experiences.

“One of the most sought after personal trainers in New York City”

CBS On the Couch

“He is such a humble, and notable man. His articles are well written and draw from accurate sources. Finally, someone who can explain how hormones, stress and aerobic and anaerobic exercise make the difference in obtaining that beautiful improved physique. No more excuses or misunderstandings.

I thought it was just age and genetic! I am so happy to know there is hope and proper tools without long extensive physical torture to reach and maintain my goals. For anyone who has never trained or is looking for improvements to overcome a plateau then I highly recommend Kevin. You will not be disappointed. It will be the best gift you could ever give yourself or anyone else! Thanks  Kevin!”

Olive P.

“I trained with Kevin for about a year and got in the best shape of my life-in many different areas. Not only was I physically, but I was happier over all, my back pain was gone, confidence, self image, everything improved. My friends and family all noticed and dished out the compliments.”

Tonny U.

“The results of Kevin's program speak for themselves of course as far as his own accomplishments but personally in the way in which he has impacted not only my physical health on all levels but also my overall lifestyle. 10 minute workouts sound might sound like a gimmick but they are not. They are the most grueling, painful yes-you-earned-it moments of your life but free of machismo, judgement, and typical locker room bravado. You will lose weight, gain strength, and feel and look great if you stick with it. Period.”- Matt K

Mel Ona Naturally Intense High Intensity Training success story

“Before I met Kevin, I had been a fitness professional and nutrition consultant helping hundreds of people transform their bodies through proper nutrition and exercise. However, I realized that I needed a coach to give me that extra edge to help me get into shape for my dream wedding in Hawaii. I decided to work with Kevin because it was clear that not only was he knowledgeable and experienced, but that he clearly "walked the walk." Kevin trains with utmost intensity and he has a tremendous talent to lead his clients to train at their peak levels. I must say that I have never trained as hard (or as brief!) in my life as I have with Kevin - and the progress I made was phenomenal. I lost 15 lbs. of fat, gained significant strength, and my energy levels shot through the roof! Thank you, Kevin, for your ultimate coaching and for giving me the courage to train 'Naturally Intense™' for a lifetime!” -Dr. Mel Ona, M.A., M.P.H, Author, Bodybuilder, Fitness & Nutrition Expert

Success Stories

Naturally Intense™ is a surprising program, especially in this crazy world we live in today where you never seem to have the time to exercise. I am always in a rush and I care a lot about my body and what I eat. How do I reconcile my fitness priorities with my busy schedule in this world where the food is not so healthy? Thankfully I found a solution and it is Naturally Intense! The 10 minutes of high intensity training that really push me to the limit are perfect for my schedule and my body looks good, is more toned and I feel much more energetic than I ever did before! Kevin also creates a personalized diet plan of 100% natural foods for you and it really works! Thanks Kevin!” -Ida Baron, Model

More Personal Trainer Reviews Testimonials:

“If you want to see what your real potential is, train with Kevin or one of his staff. WOW! Who knew how effective a workout could be in only 10 minutes. You won't believe what your body can do in that short time and how much it will impact your overall health. I was blown away. I began working out on my own two years ago and consider myself in pretty good shape. By the end of 10 minutes with Kevin I was done! But I was amazed at what he was able to get me to do. Kevin helps you get in shape with smart workouts, great diet guidelines and humor throughout the workout. If you are a housewife like me and want to lose weight and save time or if you are someone looking for a serious body building workout, you need to train with Kevin. It's fun and effective and you'll save time doing it. You rock Kevin!”- Risa H

“I have been working out with Kevin for over 5 years now, and all the good words you're reading are true.  Kevin is attentive to your goals, a top-notch trainer, and a good guy to boot.  I have never enjoyed working out, and always felt like I was faking my way through a typical gym workout on my own.  I would do maybe half-hour on the stationery bike, a tour through the circuit, but I'd leave the gym not feeling significantly different than when I walked in.  Not so training with Kevin!  He takes you to places that you will NEVER take yourself, pushing you to the max and all within 10 minutes.  I have lost weight and put on significant muscle mass, all while training 1-2 times a week.  You owe it to yourself to at least give Kevin a shot to see if you like it - and I bet you will!!”- Scott L.

“Approaching age 62 and only 5 ft 7 inch tall and 200 pounds my family begged me to get in shape in March 2010 .I went for medical exam and to my shock discovered I had serious metabolic issues..high sugar,blood pressure etc. The doctor suggested a bunch of medicines but I promised to get serious and lose weight. I knew weight loss would allow me to avoid meds and all side effects they have. I had some success in weight loss by cutting out all junk and reducing carbs but my metabolism soon slowed to match my intake so I knew I had to begin an exercise program to burn calories. There is no question that Naturally Intense program is the best way to go. In only two months I was able to lose the final 16 pounds, hitting 160. I feet great, blood pressure is normal and a1c now 6.0 vs 13 when I began my diet..all of which allowed me to avoid meds. I was impressed with what Kevin had done for himself but did not know if an out of shape baby boomer guy like me could show decent results in just 10 minutes per session. I urge you to take a free session and you will see what a positive impact it will have on your body. Kevin is knowledgeable and also caring and is focused on helping you achieve your goals. Thank you Kevin for saving my life.” JSM  (Commuter the gym by train from outside the city).

At age 57 I had to admit that I was getting flabby, and I didn't like it. Fortunately I was pointed in Kevin's direction. The very short workouts and the natural food orientation were exactly right for me. Yes, you work hard, for a short time. You also get results. Now 4 years later I'm much healthier and in far better shape. Thanks to you, Kevin...”- Tom C.

“Only 10 minutes?  Yeah, I was skeptical too, but I've been working out long enough to know that it's not the quantity it's the quality and that's what they deliver at Naturally Intense.  And believe me, it's INTENSE!  

If you put the nutrition and workouts into practice you will definitely see results. Warning: Not for the faint of heart or those not willing to work to get the physique and health that you not only want but deserve!” - Kim M.

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Virginia M.- spectacular results from high intensity training

"With the 10 minute workouts 3 times a a week and dietary support from Kevin, I lost over 100 lbs over the course of 12 months! I dropped 8 sizes and have more energy than ever before- all without having to spend hours on the bike or treadmill or without having to starve myself to lose weight. I didn’t think I could really do it but Kevin was with me every step of the way to keep me on track!

I tell everyone how great the system is and I am proof positive that it works! Thanks Kevin!”

-Virgina Moncada

"At age 53, I had been gaining 2 lbs. per year and I could do the math -- I didn't like how I was going to look or feel in 10 - 20 years! So, I started working out with Kevin for 10 minute sessions 2-3 times a week, and within months got my weight down and started to feel stronger. Kevin helped me build up the muscles around my joints so that I rarely had pain anymore from bending, lifting and gardening. He put me on the right path for healthy aging, with a good diet and workout schedule."

- Mindy S

Personal Trainer NYC Reviews From Mindy S. 10 Minute Workout Reviews from Tony O

“A full workout in 10 minutes, not possible! Right? WRONG! A short, focused, and intense workout with Kevin always leaves me exhausted, spent, and looking forward to the next session. It's a joyful and exhilarating feeling as I try to push through my personal limits and the impossible becomes possible. Kevin's knowledgeable and informed suggestions about my diet are helping me to drop all those unwanted pounds and it's great to finally learn from such an experienced and personable expert who not only talks the talk but also walks the walk.”  

- Tony O

“I can't say enough about the uniqueness and exceptional quality of Kevin's services. As a non-jock who has always been gym phobic and never had a particularly great experience with a trainer (although I've tried several), I found Kevin extraordinary in every respect. The first time I called him to inquire about his services, he spent an hour answering my questions.  When you work with him, you feel his full attention and as if your are the only person in the world he is focused on.  He has helped me discover at age 61 the capacity to build strength and fitness I didn't have at 30.”  

-Bill B.

"Kevin is so amazingly supportive and the workouts are so short, efficient and effective that is hard to talk yourself out of your workout if it only lasts for ten minutes! It is so great to not have to spend hours a week at the gym and it works!“

-Alana W.

NYC  Personal Training Client-Alana

“I dedicated myself to meet with Kevin 3 times a week for his short, yet extremely intense amount of time (10 minute workouts that you have to see to believe!). I agreed to follow everything he suggested in terms of diet and nutrition and I had it in my mind that I would give it 8 weeks. Five months later I never looked better and I feel great. I owe my newly found motivation to and body to Kevin. Thanks, Kevin for making my dreams a reality!”

-Kim S.

Personal Trainer NYC Reviews From Kim Personal Trainer NYC Reviews From Tia

“Kevin Richardson is the bomb! He is helpful, informative and he never gives up on you and never lets you give up. I have been working out with him for 8 months and only one day a week for 10 min and following the food plan. I have lost 30 lbs and gone down about 3 clothing sizes! I feel energetic and very strong. All of this starting 5 weeks after a major surgery. Thanks Kevin!”

Tia I.

Personal Trainer NYC Reviews From Bill Brunelle

"Compassion. Dedication. Perseverance! I get so much from working out with Kevin,the training and the diet, and what I have learned over the past year and a half has completely transformed my body! I am so grateful! Thanks, Kevin!”

-Trisia T

Trisia T- Personal Trainer NYC Reviews & Testimonial Alexander lost over 80 lbs since he started training! All from only 3 ten minute workouts a week!

“First off, I am so happy to say that I don’t look like this any more. I was so skeptical of doing just 10 minutes of weight training three times a week with no cardio to lose weight that Kevin told me he would give me a full refund if I didn’t see results in two weeks. Sure enough two weeks later I was already looking better, so I figured I would try it some more. I lost 70 lbs my first year and I’m still going down while building solid muscle! I am so grateful that I was able to find someone who really knew what he was talking about and who was there every step of the way to guide me with my training and diet. I would recommend this program to everyone- the workouts are insane but if you stick with it and follow the diet you’ll love the results! Thanks for reading and I hope this helped you.” A. Green

Naturally Intense Personal Training Reviews

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