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Want to build muscle without drugs and achieve that ripped and muscular look? Here’s how lifetime drug free bodybuilding champion and personal trainer Kevin Richardson can help you :

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Bodybuilding personal trainer & coach Kevin Richardson! Bodybuilding personal trainer & coach Kevin Richardson!

I wasn’t always a natural bodybuilder and personal trainer. I started out at a painfully thin 6 ft and 125 lbs wanting more than anything to like Batman and be one of the best natural bodybuilders alive. I was told flat out that as skinny as I was, I’d never build enough muscle to achieve that look. Unfazed, I spent years learning everything I could about how the human body works, and I came across some very important biological truths that were key to my success. Truths that called for me training just 10-20 minutes three times a week!

Unconventional, yes, but it worked! Not only was I able to become one of the top natural bodybuilders of my time, but I did it without drugs! Best of all, the small time commitment allowed me to have a life! I was the first lifetime drug free bodybuilder to have a successful DVD on the market (Get a copy of Kevin’s Natural Bodybuilding DVD on Amazon) and for the past several decades as a bodybuilding coach and personal trainer, I have helped hundreds build muscle and achieve that ripped and well muscled look.

I’ve worked with some of the top names in the fitness industry, some of whom have gone on to compete on a professional level both in the natural and IFBB level- I was even the point man for Kai Greene backstage at all of his contests up to when he turned pro. I’ve worked with natural bodybuilders, figure and bikini competitors and men and mostly men and women who don’t want to compete but who wish to have that LOOK all year round without using drugs or resorting to extreme diets! In 28 years as a bodybuilding trainer, I’ve helped a lot of people and here’s how my high intensity training will help you:

Anthony Mendoza went from 205lbs to this with high intensity training, diet & no cardio! Anthony Mendoza went from 205lbs to this with high intensity training, diet & no cardio!


The challenge and the advantage of my Naturally Intense 10-Minute High Intensity Workout is that it allows you to override your instincts and choose the path of greatest, not least, resistance.

The whole point of my high intensity training method is to get the maximum return on your investment of time and effort in the gym– the biggest bang for your buck!

That’s how you burn the most body fat, build the most muscle and get stronger and the key to accomplishing that goal is to choose exercises that are so demanding that you’d rather not do them and to perform those exercises in ways that make you want to stop as soon as possible. If that sounds counterintuitive, it is. However, the people who get the best results from their training are the ones who choose the most taxing exercises.

Success Story and bodybuilder Jay Larcher was able to successfully compete in the condition you see here with no cardio! Success Story and bodybuilder Jay Larcher was able to successfully compete in the condition you see here with no cardio!

The conventional approach of doing set after set of heavy exercises for an hour five to six days a week will only get you but so far, and you’ll never really train at the intensity you need to maximize your results.

With my high intensity training, you’ll be spend only a few minutes doing any one exercise.

You’ll perform compound movements that work several muscles at once and implement my high-intensity training principles to get the most out of them and in a way that ensures that you never get injured!

Yes, it’s hard, but the point of high-intensity training is that as hard as it may be, it’s doable, and nearly anyone, regardless of fitness level, can do it – and do it well.

Success Story Christine Coen Success Story Christine Coen


When you train, muscles are broken down and it is only when you rest that they are able to build themselves bigger and stronger than they were before. That’s why you train only 3 days a week and rest for 4 days, as those rest days are critical to optimizing your muscle growth.

Combine that with personalized and ongoing dietary support, and you will certainly make the most of your workouts and see results in as little as two weeks! Since our workouts are always changing and get harder as you get stronger and fitter, you’ll never hit a plateau and will always keep getting better as time goes on!

Best of all there is no cardio as the workouts and diet will help you burn fat and maintain muscle mass. A process that allows you to get in shape and stay that way long term!

Personal Trainer NYC, Kevin Richardson


bodybuilding personal training exercises

Answer: By training at high intensity for SHORT periods of time and if the workout only lasts 10 minutes, ANYONE can do it!




The HARD Truth About Getting Ripped Naturally.

It`s difficult to see actors, celebrities and fitness influencers routinely get bigger and much leaner within relatively short periods of time, but the reality is that for a natural athlete, getting leaner means getting smaller.

Without using drugs it`s simply not possible to get huge while getting ripped. It just doesn`t work that way and while women tend to have no problem getting smaller. Men tend to struggle with the fact that they look smaller in clothes when they lean out.

However, while you might look smaller in clothes, you`ll look fantastic with clothes off when you lean out and as a natural athlete, it`s important that we walk our own paths. And not be swayed by the unrealistic body transformations that are so ever present in both the regular media and social media.

So don`t be afraid to get smaller and as always, Excelsior!!! #naturallyintense

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My Budget Home Gym Setup Recommendations

Anyone following along knows that I have a pretty impressive home gym setup, but as nice as it is to have all this equipment, the fact is that you don`t need very much in order to make progress if you are training at home.

Which is why my number one recommendation is a pair of dumbbells. Maybe a barbell as well, but that`s really all you need.

I trained for about a year during the lockdowns with just a pair of dumbbells and a barbell and was able to make tremendous progress, and to this day I universally recommend and provide dumbbells to my online training clients and they have made some great gains as well.

So if you are thinking about training at home, start small and keep it simple. Thanks as always for watching and as always, Excelsior!!! #naturallyintense

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High Intensity Training- Negative Leg Extensions!

The negative, or eccentric, phase of any resistance movement creates the most micro trauma and thus stimulates the most growth and strength increases.

As such having someone pushing down in the lowering phase can REALLY up the intensity of your training.

This was my last set and my training partner and Naturally Intense Personal Training Senior Trainer @egcitrin is pushing down as I lower the weight and (and is it just me or is she pushing more and more as I go along?)

But I don`t stop there.

On the 12th rep I execute an isometric hold for a count of 5 seconds with Erika actively pushing down before ending with nine punishing final reps!

I think I was sore for at least a full week after this but still training and hope you are too!

And as always, Excelsior!!! #naturallyintense

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Avoiding Injury As A Natural Athlete- Just Do This!

As a natural athlete, whether your goal is bodybuilding or body transformation, everything happens slowly and over very long stretches of time.

To that end, it is of the utmost importance that you prioritize not getting injured, as an injury can slow if not completely curtail your ability to realize your goals.

That being said, most people, when something hurts, just power through it, as there is this misplaced belief that there are some exercises that you need to do.

Squats, deadlifts, barbell bench presses and the like may be excellent exercises, but if it hurts, don`t do it.

Or better yet, do something else to build yourself up to a point where you can do them, but there are times when some of those mainstay movements simply might not be for you.

Now for some, saying everyone can`t squat or deadlift is heresy punishable by ridicule, but they won`t be with you at the physical therapy sessions, and they will still be training while you are out.

If it hurts, don`t do it, even if your favorite influencer swears it`s a necessity. There are hundreds of alternatives, and your job is to find what doesn`t hurt while recruiting the most muscular activation and sticking with it.

Do that and you`ll save yourself a lot of pain and you`ll realize your goals much faster as well. Stay safe while training and as always, Excelsior!!! #naturallyintense

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Why Exercises Won`t Get You A 6 Pack!

One of the most common questions I get asked is what exercises I do for my abs and my response of

"Absolutely none whatsoever" is often received with some sense of disbelief, but it`s the honest truth.

I don`t do any direct exercises for my abs and haven`t since the mid to early 1990`s because I already had a foundation from years of truly grueling ab work and having a six pack is directly proportional to what I eat, not what exercises I do.

My abs get plenty of work from the squats, rows, deadlifts and other compound movements that I do and I can prove, having not done crunches, leg raises, planks and any of that for the past 28 years or so that it`s 100% diet.

If you want to have great abs, the exercise you need to master is walking away from the foods you shouldn`t be eating.

My diet is and has been one of precision for a very long time, and it`s what I eat and how I eat that allows me to always have a six pack, nothing else.

The good news is that everyone already has a six pack, you just have to get rid of the fat deposits above it for them to show, and if you put your mind to it, stay disciplined and avoid processed foods entirely, it can certainly happen.

So watch what you eat and focus on your diet if you really want that six pack and Excelsior!!! #naturallyintense

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