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About Naturally Intense Fitness | Personal Training NYC

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Naturally Intense Founder, Kevin Richardson Naturally Intense Founder, Kevin Richardson


Mrs. O was an overweight, out-of-shape housewife in her 40s who was looking for a personal trainer when a friend of mine referred her to me in Trinidad in 1991. The coach overseeing my apprenticeship approved her, and she was my first client, but I think she taught me more than I would ever imagine!

I was only 17 years old, but I had been immersed for five years in a self-directed study of exercise as I was frustrated after spending hours at the gym, and not having that much to show for it. Through trial and error, I developed a system of high-intensity, short-duration workouts that had transformed me from the proverbial 125-pound weakling into a 225-pound bodybuilder. What I hadn’t done was to make a connection between my own results and my clients’ potential. All the personal-training certification books I had studied dictated hour-long workouts with plenty of aerobics, so I got Mrs. O going on the treadmill.

As I stood beside her, clipboard and calipers at hand, my coach walked over from the other side of the gym and pulled me aside. “What are you doing?” he demanded. Surprised, I told him I was going to do some cardio and weight training with her and end our session with some cool-down exercises. The coach knew I believed in what he called “that quick-workout stuff,” and told me I had no business putting a client through the kind of conventional training I had rejected. Personal training is a craft that you master over years of practice, he said, and you can’t master something you don’t believe in or practice.

But my training regimen is geared toward bodybuilding, I told him; how could it be relevant to someone like Mrs. O who wanted to lose weight and tone up? He gave me a look and said that was something I would have to figure out, and walked away.

Chastened but exhilarated, I got Mrs. O off the treadmill and told her we were going to train a bit differently. I didn’t dare tell her we were going to do a 10-minute workout; she probably would have thought I was shortchanging her. Instead I said that today was her lucky day: She was going to train the same way I did. She was game, and we went at it, hitting the weights so hard that I doubt she had any idea how short the workout was.

We continued to meet three times a week. The sessions pushed her to her limits – I sometimes had to help her to her car afterward – but she was a trooper and gave it her all. She never questioned my methods, but I was terrified that she was not going to get the results she was looking for. By the second week, though, I could see a clear difference in her physique and energy level, and by the third month she had lost 30 pounds. Mrs. O thought I was a genius, but in truth, no one was more surprised by her success than I was. I couldn’t quite wrap my head around it.

I continued to use my high-intensity training method with clients in Trinidad until 1994, when I relocated to New York City. There, I spent 10 years putting what became the Naturally Intense 10-Minute Workout to the test. Applying the scientific method, I documented my clients’ training, diet, and results.

  • By the end of the second year, one of my clients had dropped more than 100 pounds and to date we have 6 in the 100 lb plus weight loss club!
  • Everyone following  the program lost an average of 20 lbs in their first 3 months, with significant reductions in body fat, increased strength and noticeable increases in lean muscle mass.
  • A long-distance cyclist reported that his sessions with me had increased his riding speed and endurance.
  •  Well over a dozen male and female bodybuilders were able to successfully get into contest shape and fitness models were able to get into cover model shape with no cardio or extra exercise – just three 10 Minute Workouts a week!

I have come a long way since then, as one of top personal trainers in New York City, the International Fitness Consultant for UNICEF and recognized now as a leading authority in high intensity training! I have had the honor and pleasure of training hundreds of men and women from their teens to their late 70s, some in great shape and others taking their first steps on the road to fitness – and every one of them who has stuck with the Naturally Intense 10-Minute Workout has achieved impressive results. Check out our reviews, read up on how the system works and the science behind it and give me a call or message so you can come in and try it out for yourself and see how you can get better results in less time! Thanks for stopping by!


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  • Short High Intensity Training Workouts make you burn more subcutaneous & abdominal fat than ANY other types of exercise, while increasing your strength and building lean muscle mass!
  • Short High Intensity Training Workouts increase your overall fitness AS MUCH IF NOT MORE than longer conventional workouts![5,7,8,10,11]
  • Due to the shorter time commitment, Short High Intensity Training Workouts are associated with GREATER ADHERENCE [4], and the results stay with you longer![13,14]
  • High Intensity Training has been proven SAFE & EFFECTIVE for a range of populations regardless of age, gender or fitness level! [12]


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This Is 32 Years of Zero Cardio.

For my first bodybuilding contest at the age of 17, I remember asking my coach how much cardio I should do. Should I do it on an empty stomach? How Long should I do it for and should it be before or after my workouts.

At the time I was already heavily into my high intensity training and he told me that I shouldn't do any cardio at all.

I was dumbfounded.

Back then all we had were the magazines, and all the bodybuilders in the magazines did cardio to get ready for contests, and so I asked him how would I be ready if I wasn't going to do any.

He said, that because I was natural, my goal was to maintain as much muscle mass as possible at all times, and that cardio would put a huge dent in my hard gotten gains.

He also pointed out that because my exercise intensity was as high as it was, there was really no need. I just needed to tweak my diet a bit and would be all set.

It would take longer, he said, but in the end I would look better, be more cut and maintain more muscle.

He had a few decades of experience on me and so I followed along, and sure enough, I ended up maintaining considerable muscle mass for my first show and while I came dead last, it taught me that I didn't need to do any cardio in order to get into shape.

A principle I maintained throughout my competitive years, and it's the reason why I look the way I do today. It's also the principles behind the weight loss successes of the (literally) hundreds of men and women I have had the honor of working with over the past 30 years. Some lost over 100lbs others went as far as wining their pro cards in natural bodybuilding competitions. All without any cardio whatsoever.

There's a link in my bio for my video on why I don't recommend cardio if you would like to see it, and I think the important take away is that with a proper diet and high intensity in your training, the sky's the limit! Excelsior!!! #naturallyintense

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Say it with me: You change your body over time, not overnight!

We live in a world of instant gratification with a premium on everything needing to happen quickly but that doesn’t change the fact that body transformation and the development of habits required to make it sustainable, takes time.

There is no short cut, and to be frank, nothing worth achieving was ever realized through shortcuts.

There is no shortcut to enlightenment.

No shortcut to financial stability.

No shortcut to happiness.

No shortcut to heaven.

And most certainly no shortcut to sustainable (the key word) physical accomplishment.

Physical accomplishment is about constructing a foundation.

Building a new you, stone by stone, beam by beam and layer by layer.

You wouldn’t be comfortable living in a house you knew was built with shortcuts, so it’s reckless to think it would ever be acceptable when it’s your body that’s involved.

You only get one body and so the path to improve it has to be a patient and well thought out one.

Yes, there will always be days when you want to lose fat faster, build muscle quicker and get stronger faster.

Heaven knows that even I had times when I wished things would speed up, as it took me the better part of eleven years to start looking the way I wanted to, but you have to stay strong not just in body but in spirit.

And keep in mind that shortcuts come with a price and that fast progress usually means you are not progressing in the right direction.

That being said, there were some shortcuts that I did use and it’s the only real ones we have in life, namely love and laughter.

You see, when your life is filled with both, time “passes quickly” and you enjoy the journey so much that you stop obsessing about the destination.

So, stay the course, and fill your life with love and laughter as it’s the only shortcut that you’ll ever need. Excelsior!!! #naturallyintense

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This is an example of what I typically wear to work!

Anyone who ever worked with me knows that I am ALWAYS wearing a superhero themed outfit when training clients, making appearances and these days shooting YouTube videos.

Part of it is that I am perpetually a tall 12-year-old. But the other part is that it serves as a reminder that we can accomplish far more than we think possible.

Art and fiction aren't abstract ideas that come out of nowhere, and the heroes that inspired me as a child are nothing more than representations of us at our very best.

But the most important quality that I learned from then and that I try to instill in others isn’t the power to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Nor is it the power to crawl up walls like a spider, fly, shoot laser beams from your eyes or bench press trucks.

The real power is that they endure.

In the stories we shoot them, blow them up, snap them out of existence, expose them and exploit their weaknesses and vulnerabilities, but they never give up.

They always find their way back and they never give up on us.

No matter how hard things get, they keep on fighting the good fight and I dress the way I do as a reminder of who we really are and who we really can be.

A reminder that we must always endure and that we can always endure.

No matter how hard things get, no matter how hopeless achieving your goals might seem on some days, you can’t give up!
Each of us possess an almost preternatural reserve that can keep us going when things get really rough, but only if we believe in ourselves and keep doing the work.

Like those fictitious characters, I wear the colors to also be a reminder that I won’t give up on you.

No matter how hard things get, you can know and count on the fact that I am always here to cheer you on! Excelsior!!! #naturallyintense

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In deep and sincere appreciation.

I and so many others would not have the opportunities we have today

Had you and others not made the sacrifices you did

In days past.

Thank you, Dr. King!

#gratitude #martinlutherkingjrday

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Trying to get into great shape without proper diet is like trying to win the lottery without buying a ticket. It's not going to happen!

I train pretty hard, I go all out every workout, I never give myself any quarter and I leave each workout knowing I gave it 110%, but no matter how hard I train, I can't out train a bad diet.

How I look, in terms of body fat, isn't genetics. It's diet.




If I eat junk foods, if I "just have a little bit here and there" I will look different. I won't blow up, but I won't be as cut as I am and it will make a difference.

In fact, when I first came to the US from my native Trinidad and Tobago and had access to really processed food for the first time, I blew up.

I trained just as hard as I do now, but I ballooned up to 252lbs!

No magic genetics stepped in to save me, no "fast metabolism" kicked in to keep me lean while eating what I shouldn't, as just like anyone else, if I eat the wrong foods, it will affect how I look.

And at 47 years old, I don't have any leeway whatsoever. I look the way I look 99.9% due to what and how I eat.

Cardio isn't and never has been part of my life, and no amount of it is going to burn off much of anything if we are being honest. Because you can't out exercise a bad diet.

I don't have cheat days, there's no reverse dieting and there is no bulking up and cutting up phases. I eat clean all the time and I the way I look as a result.

What you look like is what you eat like.

There's no going around it and you have to think in terms of consistency and sustainability. You have to learn to eat clean at all times, not just for the look, but because it's better for your health.

Going to the gym is great, but you aren't going to be walking around cut for the rest of your life if your diet isn't in order. It's not easy, it can, in the beginning be tough, but I believe that you are as well! Excelsior! #naturallyintense

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