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Naturally Intense Founder, Kevin Richardson Naturally Intense Founder, Kevin Richardson


Mrs. O was an overweight, out-of-shape housewife in her 40s who was looking for a personal trainer when a friend of mine referred her to me in Trinidad in 1991. The coach overseeing my apprenticeship approved her, and she was my first client, but I think she taught me more than I would ever imagine!

I was only 17 years old, but I had been immersed for five years in a self-directed study of exercise as I was frustrated after spending hours at the gym, and not having that much to show for it. Through trial and error, I developed a system of high-intensity, short-duration workouts that had transformed me from the proverbial 125-pound weakling into a 225-pound bodybuilder. What I hadn’t done was to make a connection between my own results and my clients’ potential. All the personal-training certification books I had studied dictated hour-long workouts with plenty of aerobics, so I got Mrs. O going on the treadmill.

As I stood beside her, clipboard and calipers at hand, my coach walked over from the other side of the gym and pulled me aside. “What are you doing?” he demanded. Surprised, I told him I was going to do some cardio and weight training with her and end our session with some cool-down exercises. The coach knew I believed in what he called “that quick-workout stuff,” and told me I had no business putting a client through the kind of conventional training I had rejected. Personal training is a craft that you master over years of practice, he said, and you can’t master something you don’t believe in or practice.

But my training regimen is geared toward bodybuilding, I told him; how could it be relevant to someone like Mrs. O who wanted to lose weight and tone up? He gave me a look and said that was something I would have to figure out, and walked away.

Chastened but exhilarated, I got Mrs. O off the treadmill and told her we were going to train a bit differently. I didn’t dare tell her we were going to do a 10-minute workout; she probably would have thought I was shortchanging her. Instead I said that today was her lucky day: She was going to train the same way I did. She was game, and we went at it, hitting the weights so hard that I doubt she had any idea how short the workout was.

We continued to meet three times a week. The sessions pushed her to her limits – I sometimes had to help her to her car afterward – but she was a trooper and gave it her all. She never questioned my methods, but I was terrified that she was not going to get the results she was looking for. By the second week, though, I could see a clear difference in her physique and energy level, and by the third month she had lost 30 pounds. Mrs. O thought I was a genius, but in truth, no one was more surprised by her success than I was. I couldn’t quite wrap my head around it.

I continued to use my high-intensity training method with clients in Trinidad until 1994, when I relocated to New York City. There, I spent 10 years putting what became the Naturally Intense 10-Minute Workout to the test. Applying the scientific method, I documented my clients’ training, diet, and results.

  • By the end of the second year, one of my clients had dropped more than 100 pounds and to date we have 6 in the 100 lb plus weight loss club!
  • Everyone following  the program lost an average of 20 lbs in their first 3 months, with significant reductions in body fat, increased strength and noticeable increases in lean muscle mass.
  • A long-distance cyclist reported that his sessions with me had increased his riding speed and endurance.
  •  Well over a dozen male and female bodybuilders were able to successfully get into contest shape and fitness models were able to get into cover model shape with no cardio or extra exercise – just three 10 Minute Workouts a week!

I have come a long way since then, as one of top personal trainers in New York City, the International Fitness Consultant for UNICEF and recognized now as a leading authority in high intensity training! I have had the honor and pleasure of training hundreds of men and women from their teens to their late 70s, some in great shape and others taking their first steps on the road to fitness – and every one of them who has stuck with the Naturally Intense 10-Minute Workout has achieved impressive results. Check out our reviews, read up on how the system works and the science behind it and give me a call or message so you can come in and try it out for yourself and see how you can get better results in less time! Thanks for stopping by!


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  • Short High Intensity Training Workouts make you burn more subcutaneous & abdominal fat than ANY other types of exercise, while increasing your strength and building lean muscle mass!
  • Short High Intensity Training Workouts increase your overall fitness AS MUCH IF NOT MORE than longer conventional workouts![5,7,8,10,11]
  • Due to the shorter time commitment, Short High Intensity Training Workouts are associated with GREATER ADHERENCE [4], and the results stay with you longer![13,14]
  • High Intensity Training has been proven SAFE & EFFECTIVE for a range of populations regardless of age, gender or fitness level! [12]


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So let me get this straight, it's all about genetics?

If it was all about genetics, I don't think many of the men and women you see headlining in the natural bodybuilding circles would be where they are today.

I, for one, would have quit on my first day in the gym if I believed in genetics as a deciding factor, as on my first day I was told that at 6 feet tall and 125lbs, with narrow shoulders and spindly legs and I simply did not have the genetics to ever be a bodybuilder.

Add to that the fact that I wanted to compete drug free and it must have sounded to my first instructor like I wanted to land on the moon by means of a slingshot.

He didn't mean to put me down, as much as those words hurt, he just didn't understand that the boy in front of him was willing and ready to work for years on end to see what he could achieve, and that's the mindset everyone needs to have, regardless of where you are in the process.

You don't know what your "genetics" are unless you put in years, sometimes even decades of hard training and (most importantly) unshakeable attention to your diet.

In over three decades, I have yet to see anyone who applied themselves for years on end not achieve an impressive physique.

Sure, there are many who walk around looking great from day one, but the majority of those who look great today, didn't necessarily start off that way.

And it's been my experience as well, that those are the ones who will keep looking fantastic long after those who naturally have great bodies become unrecognizable from those who never trained a day in their lives.

Time has a way of being unforgiving to those who don't have to work hard in the beginning, as if you didn't have to learn the work ethic and consistency that those with "lesser genetics" are forced to master, age tends to take it all away.

Forget genetics.

Focus on working hard, focus on your diet and focus on being consistent, as in the end, it's just that plus time that will get you where you want to be. Excelsior!!! #naturallyintense #geneticsdontmatter

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What Happens When You Stop Training?

A week by week breakdown of exactly what happens to your body when you stop training, and we go over endurance changes, strength changes, muscle loss and body fat increases over time after you stop working out.

Also covered are differences in detraining between men and women, how training intensity determines how much and how fast you lose your gains when you stop training and also how muscle memory helps you get back to where you were faster when you start back.

It's a must see for anyone going away on vacation or who is planning on or taking a break from training!

Click on my bio link to watch the full video on YouTube or click on the link in My Stories and thanks as always for taking the time to look at my work! Excelsior!!! #naturallyintense

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In retrospect, I guess I did have big legs back then too!

It's hard to see yourself as you are, and I always had this image of myself with spindly legs.

It's how I was when I was younger and I know all too well the many years of training as hard as humanly possible and waiting to see the fruits of my labor.

The thing is, that you don't see it when it happens, as it takes another few years well before you ACCEPT the fact that you have changed and then begin to adjust how you see yourself.

All these years later, I still have to remind myself that I am a bodybuilder and often can stop in front of a mirror and have a genuine moment of, "That's me?"

And it's the part that they don't tell you about body transformation. that not only is it slow, but that it's hard to see.

It's almost like you reach your goal, but are only able to see it in short glimpses, as if viewing yourself from afar.

Which is why it's so important to find a way to enjoy the way, as sometimes it's all that you have.

The only thing that kept me squatting and bending that bar, wasn't really the promise of bigger legs, but the fact that I loved to squat.

It's also why I've stayed more or less in near contest shape all these years later even though I last stepped onstage in 2004.

Because it's what I love, and if there ever was a "secret" to being able to persevere for years on end without "seeing much in the way of results" it's learning to love what you do.

My thanks to @dennisjpleefsc for this back in the day shot and here's to you loving what you do!!! Excelsior!!! #naturallyintense

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Me putting my best foot forward.

It’s all you need to do every day, not be the best, but do your best.

If you do your best every single day, you will not only achieve excellence in whatever you are striving towards, but you will also have the profound peace of mind that comes from knowing at day’s end that you did everything you could to improve yourself.

It’s not a feeling to be underappreciated and most find that when the abs start showing and the muscles start sprouting, as gratifying as it may be, it pales in comparison to the satisfaction that comes with always knowing that you are doing your best!

Here’s to you doing your best today and Excelsior!!! #naturallyintense

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Food tracking is incredibly popular these days, and there are many studies that show that those who track their foods tend to experience better outcomes compared to those who don't.

I tracked every meal (and every workout) I had for the first 15 years of my career. A practice that was instrumental in the development of the dietary principles that I use today, and so you might think that I would be a strong proponent of food tracking for all of my clients, and I am not.

In this video, I go over my real world observations of what I have seen over the years working with large numbers of men and women and why I don't univerally recommend it for all of my clients coming in.

You can see the full video by clicking on my bio link and thanks in advance for watching!!! Excelsior!!! #naturallyintense

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