Top Fitness Articles Of 2014

Best fitness articles of 2014 - The year in review

Top 10 Fitness Articles of 2014

With over 1.1 million readers of  our blog, I can hardly express my gratitude and sense of humility at being a source of health and fitness information for so many people all over the world. Every year we publish a ‘Best of’ featuring the most popular articles and it is always hard to tell which ones really are the most popular.  That said, this year we devised our ‘Top 10 Fitness Articles For 2014’ by selecting articles with the most views and then assigning a rank reflecting social media likes and shares. I would like to thank each and every reader for taking the time to read my work. Each piece is truly a labour of love and is meticulously researched to ensure that you have access to the most credible information possible.  That said, here’s the best of 2014 and do be sure to ‘like’ and share your favorites!

Our most popular article of 2014- 101 Realistic Ways To Lose Weight! Click to read!


1. 101 Practical Ways To Lose Weight

The top fitness article of 2014- a comprehensive listing of over one hundred tips and mind hacks to help you lose weight and keep it off! A must read for anyone trying to lose weight and or keep the extra pounds off!

Read the article in it’s entirety here: 101 Practical Ways To Lose Weight

hanging skin after losing weight

One of our most popular articles of 2014- 5 ways to deal with loose skin after losing weight! Click to read!


2. 5 Ways to Deal With Loose Skin After Weight Loss

Number two on our list of top fitness articles for 2014 is our article on loose skin. This problem affects a significnant number of people who lose weight and I found there to be little in the way of information that wasn’t trying to sell a questionable skin product, so I wrote one myself!

Read the article in it’s entirety here: 5 Ways to Deal With Loose Skin After Weight Loss

hanging leg raises abdominal exercise

Hanging leg raises are one of the best abdominal exercises you can do. Click to read more!


3. The Most Effective Abdominal Exercises- Hanging Leg Raises

A close tie for the second spot of our top fitness articles is this piece on what is in my opinion the most effective exercise for developing the abdominal muscles.

Check it out here: The Most Effective Abdominal Exercises- Hanging Leg Raises

Skinny or ultra thin is not an ideal

Being skinny is not a universal human desire nor is it healthy. Click to read the article!


4. Skinny Is Not An Ideal :The Evolutionary Argument Against Being Thin

Being skinny has been the Holy Grail for Western women for almost a century but a look at our history as a species and ideas about attractiveness in other cultures clearly shows that not onli s being skinny not universally attractive, but that it also goes against human biology.


Click here to read the full piece:  Skinny Isn’t An Ideal: The Evolutionary Argument Against Being Skinny


Exercise for mental health

Exercise can often be as effective if not more effective than medication for symptoms of depression. Click to read!

5. Exercise- A Natural Treatment for Anxiety & Depression

Studies find that even in cases of severe depression, exercise can help with symptoms of anxiety and elevate mood even as effectively as medication.

Read the article in it’s entirety hereExercise- A Natural Treatment for Anxiety & Depression

artificial sweetener packets

Artificial sweeteners can make you gain weight! Click to read!


6. 5 Ways Artificially Sweetened Products Can Make You Gain Weight

With the slew of zero calorie diet products on the market there has yet to be a major halt to the ever increasing waistlines of people in countires who consume these products. One reason is that studies show that artificially sweetened food and drink may make you gain weight.


Read the article in it’s entirety here5 Ways Artificially Sweetened Products Can Make You Gain Weight


Baked potato chips are unhealthy

An example of a well marketed ‘health food’ that is truthfully unhealthy. Click to read to the article!

7. Surprisingly Unhealthy ‘Health Foods’

It was a close tie between this article and the one before it on artificially sweeteners, and it is a list of foods that may very well surprise you!

Read the article in it’s entirety here: Surprisingly Unhealthy ‘Health Foods’

Flexibility and weight training

Dispelling the myth that weight training inhibits flexibility. Click to read!


8. Weight Training & Flexibility- Being Strong Doesn’t Mean Being Inflexible

While most think of musclebound men and women unable to perform even the simplest stretching exercises, the reality is that the more you correctly weight train the more flexible you become!

Read the article in it’s entirety here: Weight Training & Flexibility- Being Strong Doesn’t Mean Being Inflexible

Shaker and protein powder

Our most popular post of all time- Are protein shakes bad for you? Click to read!


There we have it- our roundup of the most popular fitness articles for 2014. In addition we would be remiss without mentioning the following article as it is without question the most popular article on our blog of all time: Are Protein Shakes Bad For You?



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