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Kevin Richardson, Founder, Naturally Intense System of Diet & Exercise

Kevin Richardson, Founder, Naturally Intense System of Diet & Exercise

Celebrity personal trainer Kevin Richardson’s Naturally Intense System of Diet & Exercise™ provides a unique and efficient solution to the achievement of your health and fitness goals. With his Naturally Intense High Intensity Training 10 Minute Workouts™ you’ll need only THREE HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING SESSIONS A WEEK to get into the best shape of your life! Naturally Intense High Intensity 10 Minute Workouts™ form the basis for Kevin’s success as a champion drug free bodybuilder & martial artist and for the   thousands that he has trained over the past 19 years of his personal training career using his high intensity training system and custom diet plans.

Currently based in Midtown Manhattan and with his Naturally Intense Certified Trainers working in New York City and Tokyo, Japan, Kevin and his unique system of training has been featured on television, radio, high profile websites, mainstream publications and fitness magazines. His DVD- Naturally Intense- The Workout is one of the first ever created by a drug free athlete, and is critically acclaimed as one of the best documentations of a lifetime drug free bodybuilder.

An accomplished author and health and fitness writer, his first e-book, The Naturally Intense™ Breakfast Guide has been acclaimed as “the most helpful guide to weight loss on the Internet,” and has helped thousands of people lose weight and improve their health.

With articles published in several magazines and with thousands of monthly readers of his blogs, Kevin’s has dedicated his life to sharing his expertise in health and fitness.

Official Naturally Intense Website: www.naturallyintense.net

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