Tiffany Menges: Naturally Intense Personal Trainer

Tiffany Menges: Naturally Intense Personal Trainer


Originally from Houston, Texas, Tiffany moved to Los Angeles to earn her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre at AMDA College & Conservatory for the Performing Arts. After receiving her Bachelor’s, she made the decision to transition over to New York City to further pursue her career. While performing in assorted projects here throughout the city, she discovered just how much of an important factor health and fitness is to becoming the best she can be in all fields she inspires to be successful in. Since then, Tiffany lost 25 pounds through her fitness journey and has developed a strong passion for fitness that she wanted to be able to find a way to share with others. This finally led her to taking the step to reaching out to Naturally Intense founder, Kevin Richardson to dive into everything that Naturally Intense Personal Training has to offer.

Having personally tried out a multitude of fitness programs, diets, and products realizing that none can give her the long-term results she always desired, Tiffany became very intrigued in the idea of 10 minute high intensity workouts and establishing actual healthy lifestyle eating habits. She was selected out of hundreds of applicants to join the award-winning Naturally Intense Personal Training team as a Full Time Trainer after successfully completing the apprenticeship program. All of the knowledge and progress Tiffany has acquired through becoming part of the team has only helped her in becoming more confident in her acting career as well. With Kevin’s help, Tiffany continuously strives to coordinate her passions for musical theatre and fitness, learning that both passions mutually benefit greatly from the other. Helping others reach their goals as she herself  has worked so hard towards, is something Tiffany is very excited to be able to put into action.


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