Celebrity Personal Trainer Kevin Richardson

Celebrity Personal Trainer Kevin Richardson



  • Celebrity Personal Trainer to Actors, Singers, Politicians and CEOs
  • 7 Time Winner Best Of Manhattan Awards For Personal Training – 2020, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2013, 2012
  • The First International Fitness & Nutrition Consultant For UNICEF
  • Creator of Naturally Intense High Intensity Training
  • Lifetime Drug Free Natural Bodybuilding Champion
  • Trainer of Professional Drug Free Bodybuilders, Figure and Bikini Competitors
  • Recognized World Authority On High Intensity Training
  • Head Instructor Amegakurekan School Of Ninjutsu
  • Featured In Numerous Media including the Wall Street Journal & CBS News
  • Over 2.6 Million Blog Readers Readers
  • 30 Years Of Personal Training Experience

Celebrity New York City personal trainer Kevin Richardson is the creator of Naturally Intense High Intensity Training and the founder of Manhattan’s Naturally Intense Personal Training Services. (Note that as of March 2nd 2020 Online Personal Training and Diet Coaching with Celebrity Online Trainer Kevin Richardson is now available). A former international fitness and nutrition consultant for UNICEF, Kevin is also a highly prized guest speaker at corporate events, working with major international corporations to help improve the health of their employees with his time saving workouts. In a career that has spanned over quarter of a century, he has helped hundreds of clients from celebrities to CEO’s to regular New Yorkers achieve their fitness and weight-loss goals with his program of short-duration, high-intensity workouts. A native of Trinidad and Tobago, Kevin grew up in a fitness-oriented family. He was a painfully thin child who preferred reading books – especially comic books – to playing sports, and often found himself the target of schoolyard bullies. The best way to stand up to them, he decided, was to be like the comic-book heroes he idolized, so he began martial arts training at the age of nine. As he became proficient in karate and ninjutsu, he was, indeed, better able to take care of himself. Unfortunately, while he could fight, he didn’t look like he could; he remained a scrawny kid who had to prove himself over and over. Eventually, he decided it wasn’t enough that he could fight like his comic-book heroes – he needed to look like them, too.

Kevin 1 month before he started training! Kevin 1 month before he started training!
“I didn’t always look the way I do today, and as a father of 5, professional photographer, martial arts teacher and small business owner there is no way I could have done it and maintained my current level of fitness if I had to spend hours at the gym! I am, and always will be “Client #1” as for the past 30 years I have trained no more than three times a week with the same brief high intensity workouts that we use with our clients. Workouts that have helped me achieve the highest possible levels of strength, muscle development and physical fitness. Best of all, I did it all without drugs and have helped people see that you don’t need drugs to build a great physique! It’s been a long journey! When I started out almost three decades ago there were no studies backing up my form of high intensity training, just my success and the success of my clients. So it’s heartening to see more and more science based studies validating the effectiveness of short high intensity workouts!

Following in the footsteps of his father, brother and cousin, he began training at age fourteen in natural bodybuilding, a branch of the sport that rejects performance-enhancing drugs. Frustrated that he was progressing slowly and that all the hours of weight training were taking time away from his martial arts studies, Kevin did what any nerdy kid would do: He began reading every book he could find about physiology and kinesiology. Drawing on his marital arts training, which used brief, brutally intense movements to strengthen the body and mind, he began developing, through trial and error, a system of short, high-intensity workouts that helped transform him from a skinny, 125-pound teenager into a 205-pound natural bodybuilder. His 2005 DVD, Naturally Intense, was a one of the first documentaries ever made by a lifetime drug free bodybuilder. (Get a copy at Amazon.com!) Learn about Kevin’s Bodybuilding Personal Training Services here!

Celebrity Trainer Kevin Richardson today! Celebrity Trainer Kevin Richardson today!

A husband and father at age twenty, Kevin left the Caribbean for New York in search of a better life for his family. He found a second home at Brooklyn’s legendary Fifth Avenue Gym, which produced more natural bodybuilding champions than any other facility of its kind. For fifteen years, he worked by day in social services, running a recreational therapy program for people with AIDS and formerly homeless New Yorkers, and by night at the Fifth Avenue Gym, doing personal training. Inspired by his own success, Kevin spent the first ten years of his personal-training career refining the principles of high-intensity training and applying them to his clients. Committed to the scientific method, he set out not to prove but to disprove the effectiveness of ten-minute high-intensity workouts. It wasn’t enough that the system worked for him and his first set of clients; he wanted to determine if the results could be replicated consistently by a wide variety of individuals with a wide range of fitness levels and goals. And indeed, he found that Naturally Intense High-Intensity Training worked for men and women from their 20’s to their 70’s whether they were trying to lose weight, increase endurance, build muscle mass, enhance overall fitness, or develop a world-class physique.

In early 2009, at the depth of the last recession, Kevin took a leap of faith, leaving his job in social services to bring the Naturally Intense 10-Minute Workout to a larger audience. Headquartered in the Chelsea/Flatiron District, his personal-training business was honored with the Best of Manhattan Award in 2012, 2013,2014, 2016 and 2017. His clients have included various celebrities, actors, politicians, business executives, athletes, models, natural-physique competitors, Navy SEALs, and plenty of ordinary folks. Some have traveled regularly from as far away as London and Singapore to train with him, while others have commuted weekly from Massachusetts and North Carolina. Kevin is a a major figure in the fitness community with over 2 million readers of his award-winning blog (naturallyintense.net/blog), and his Naturally Intense 10-Minute Workout has reached a broader audience over the years through features on CBS on the Couch, Fox 5 Good Day New York, and the CBS Morning News, The Daily Mail and The Wall Street Journal. Kevin is also a highly in demand public speaker, and is often hired to speak about his own journey and present his unique Naturally Intense methodology of better results in less time at conferences across the country. A true Renaissance Man, Kevin is also an internationally published fitness and dance photographer and he is the creator of the overwhelmingly popular, Dance As Art- The New York City Dance Photography Project, a celebration of dancers photographed at iconic locations in New York City, which has been exhibited both locally here in New York City and internationally. You can see his extensive range of work at his official website at www.danceasart.com.



Celebrity personal trainer New York City Kevin Richardson on CBS News


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Day 571 training at home.

I am pushing myself.
I always do, but of late a little more than normal.
There's not anything on the horizon and as usual I didn't do anything but get a spray tan to take the shots so I don't look like a checkerboard, but the training has become harder.

In that little room, three times a week with that home gym I put together, I have gone as hard as I can go and then some.

I leave nothing in the tank when I train and ended many a session chest heaving, and looking to the floor waiting for the room to stop spinning.

Spent. Burnt. Barely able to stand, but with a grin from ear to ear because I know I gave everything I had!

Each workout has ended with that satisfaction.

That sense that if I could do it all over again, I couldn't have done any more than I did and there is a serenity to it all.

A feeling of accomplishment that stays no matter what the rest of the day brings.

There's no one to scream at me.
No one to encourage me to get that bloody weight up when it starts to slow.

It's just me.
But I am never really alone as I carry in me decades of encouragement and decades of encouraging others, and I tap into it.

I use it to help me defy gravity when the weights are obstinate and my force of will needs to prevail.

I use it when that feeble voice says that if I stop now, no one would know.

I use it when that voice says that I am growing old and I shouldn't expect to lift more than I did in my twenties.

I use it to overcome in these little inner conflicts and use those voices of doubt as a compass. One that shows me the direction I need to always avoid.

I would have liked to post more workout videos, but I get so caught up in training sometimes that I forget that cameras even exist. But I will try to post some whenever I can.

For now, here's product, and I hope my path inspires you on yours. Excelsior!!! #naturallyintense

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One of my favorite poses. No pump, just me.

With all the great physiques on social media, it can make you feel like you are lacking something, but I want you to know that you aren’t lacking anything. Everyone doesn't have to (and shouldn't) look like me. I’m an example of what can be accomplished if you stick with it long enough in a sustainable and healthy way. More of a “it can be done” than a “look at me and see what I’ve done.” I don’t use drugs, steroids, testosterone replacement therapy, clenbuterol, GH, SARMS, diuretics or whatever foolishness “fitness” folks put in their bodies today. If I did, I'd say something as I personally know how the deceitful practice of claiming to be drug free while using drugs can be devastating to your self-image.

I came of age in a magazine era where pro bodybuilders publicly professed that genetics, Weider supplements and hard work was all it took to be on the Olympia stage. Utter rubbish and until we learned the truth we felt bloody awful training so hard and eating so well but not looking anything like the guys onstage. With social media, it’s not just bodybuilders promoting themselves with this deceit, but actors, performers and personal trainers. With incredible short-term transformations followed by the party line that training every day, taking protein shakes and eating chicken breasts is what helped everyday looking men and women suddenly transform in ways and time frames that the most gifted natural bodybuilders have yet to equal. It's cruel, dishonest and insidious and you won’t find any of that nonsense here.

So full disclosure, I got a tan this week and what you see is a tan plus 30 years of short high intensity workouts 3 times a week, zero cardio and uncompromising attention to how I eat. It's just me trying to be my best and I hope it inspires you to be your very best as well! Excelsior!!! #naturallyintense

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Me doing my "other job" with my fearless assistant, @lynnemichellle!

I never thought I would end up being a photographer. Growing up I hated pictures and I was always the one who never took any vacation pictures as I never saw the appeal of it.

I did a number of photo shoots during my competitive bodybuilding career and I understood the process but had no interest in ever being behind a camera.

Ironically, it was bodybuilding that got me into photography as I needed some promotional photos of my staff for my personal training website and I figured that instead of hiring a photographer, I would just get a camera and do it myself. As I thought, "How hard could it be?"

What followed were some of the worst photographs known to man, and I was so frustrated by it that I voted to figure out how to master this process.

Eight years later I am a working professional photographer, (you can see my work at @dance_as_art and all the shots here are self portraits unless otherwise stated.) I have had solo exhibitions and my work shown all around the world and I have had the privilege of working with some truly outstanding people and organizations.

What stands out for me is how good I became at something I never could have conceived doing earlier in my life and how profoundly gratifying it is to do it. The same goes for many men and women and fitness. I have seen so many people who weren't anything near athletic and had no interest whatsoever in physical fitness when they were younger, but who started training in adulthood and became far more than they ever could have imagined.

It happens more often than you think and I believe the lesson is that we are capable of doing so much more than we realize if we are able to go forward in life with an attitude of openness and lack of preconceptions. And of course, most importantly that you are willing to put in the work! Excelsior!!!#naturallyintense

#naturalbodybuilder #fitnessmotivation #flexing #photographer #danceasart

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What you see in the mirror and what others see is seldom the same.

In eleven years, I was able to go from 125lbs to standing onstage competing at 209lbs in some of the top natural bodybuilding contests in the world. But it would take another thirteen years before I came to a place where I could honestly say that I no longer saw a skinny kid when I looked in the mirror.

That disconnect between what you look like and what you feel you look like happens not just with people trying to lose weight, but you might be surprised to know that many of the top fitness names struggle with the same body issues. It doesn't matter how many compliments you get, how famous you are, or even how many bodybuilding trophies you rack up, as being able to resolve that disconnect requires a great deal of work on yourself, as it doesn't happen automatically.

If you don't do the work, you will never really enjoy what you accomplished and you also risk undoing all the progress that you have achieved. One of my very earliest clients back in Trinidad lost over 100lbs and regained it all because even though he had lost all that weight, he couldn't see any of it.

If you click on the link in my bio you can see the YouTube video where I go into detail about my client's story and my own. And I also offer a possible evolution based explanation for why it's so hard to see your own progress and I hope it helps you as much as it helped me. Excelsior!!! #naturallyintense

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My favorites are the shots where I'm not flexing my heart out.

There's a huge difference between what you look like as a highly seasoned bodybuilder flexing as hard as you can and what you look like in a more relaxed pose.

Personally, I find myself more drawn to the former, as it's a bit more representative of what your body really looks like and isn't as, shall we say, extreme.

On social media, extremism is the currency that tends to drive more likes, more comments and more followers, but I think it's important that there be a greater appreciation of simple balance.

The most popular physiques these days, both male and female can be a bit overpowering even to someone like me, and as a natural athlete we do everything to try to keep up by presenting ourselves as lean and as flexed as we can be.

But I think it's a mistake. As a natural athlete, what sets me and all of us apart is that we look kind of normal when we aren't flexing as if our lives depended on it, and it's a look that I believe is more appealing to those not looking to see a circus show.

That said, this is what I look like when I'm not going all out to look as big and ripped as I can. I like it and hope you like it too. Excelsior!!! #naturallyintense

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