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Paula Xavier- Naturally Intense™ Personal Trainer & Figure Pro!

Paula Xavier Naturally Intense™ Personal Trainer & Figure Pro

Paula Xavier has been in the fitness industry over 10 years and an athlete her whole life.  She is a Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition through ISSA.  

Paula is a professional natural figure competitor, having won her class and pro card at the 2015 INBF Naturalmania. Born into an athletic family and daughter to a father who was drafted at 17 years old to play for the Phillies, she followed in his footsteps at a very young age.  Paula's passion for overall health and fitness was realized and began to develop when she began her first year in college and started training in the gym.

In 2003, she graduated from college and moved to southern California, where she learned from various well known fitness enthusiasts and competitors, and further fine-tuned her knowledge and athleticism and became more passionate about the field.

In 2009, Paula moved back to the East Coast to reside closer to family and bring her experiences from the West Coast.  Her goal today is to share her knowledge and ignite a drive and passion to be healthy, fit, and well in all individuals she meets.

With Paula, and a little determination, you will be transformed and energized, and on your way to a new, healthy, and fit you!  

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