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About Our Trainers

Unless there is a specific request, trainers are assigned based on availability so you may end up training with me or one of my handpicked Naturally Intense Certified Personal Trainers In New York City. Unlike almost all personal training certifications which revolve around a multiple choice examination, all Naturally Intense™ Certified Personal Trainers graduate from a hands on apprenticeship program that lasts a total of a year or more. In order to transition from apprenticeship status, candidates have to demonstrate with hands on assessments essay type examinations an in depth knowledge of high intensity training, physiology and kinesiology, functional anatomy as well as client program assessment and design. In order to create a consistent training experience for all of our clients, our trainers also go through the same high intensity training program that our clients do, as they train personally alongside me three times a week and have done so for years, as they are all living examples of the diet and training protocols.

Since weight loss is a key demand for most of our clients, after graduation, all trainers undergo continuing education studies in diet and nutrition and must continue to distinguish themselves in a fitness related field. These were the golden standards I had to meet when I started out as a trainer 26 years ago and I would not have anything less for my clients today! I stand by each and every one of my staff as being truly among the best in the business and I can guarantee that you will be as impressed by my team as I am!  

- Kevin Richardson, Founder Naturally Intense Personal Training

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