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Whether your goal is to lose weight and get into better shape or take your body to the next level for a photo-shoot or physique competition- our online dietary guides will help you get there without drugs, supplements or starvation based dieting!. Get a customized dietary plan personally designed by natural bodybuilding champion and celebrity personal trainer, Kevin Richardson and Registered Dietitian and Naturally Intense Personal Trainer, Christine Coen with ongoing online personal support to keep you on track! 22 years of success stories at your service!  A $400.00 value at only $199.00!   

online diet plans from Kevin Richardson and Christine Coen

Quality Online Dietary Support from Celebrity Trainer, Kevin Richardson  & Registered Dietician Christine Coen

every month we allow 9 people to sign up for our online diet plans. first come- first served- quality over quantity!

Online Diet Plans That Work!

About Christine...


Christine has been successfully helping clients reach their fitness and weight loss goals for over 7 years.   

Working with people who want to lose over 50lbs to 10 lbs, feel confident wearing a bikini or fit into a smaller pair of jeans, get ripped and lean and build muscle mass, she has a high level of experience helping her clients Clinically trained in Nutrition Coaching, Christine’s programs are based in accountability and support in making lifestyle changes.  She is here as your coach and as source of information and support in this process!  Through her own weight loss experience she has found this type of program was the most successful for herself and now for the clients she works with daily.  You can read about Christine’s personal weight loss story HERE.

Online Diet Plans From Celebrity Trainer Kevin Richardson & Christine Coen, R.D.

Real People- Real Results!

How It Works

What You Get!

4 Weeks Of Meal Plans!

4 weeks of Meals specified for your calorie, protein, carb, and fat needs!

Personal Support!

Open contact to Kevin & Christine via text, email, calls and online support 7 days a week ! ccountability, and questions you may have about your plan.

E-Books & Diet Guides

Allowed Foods E-book

What Not to Eat E-book

Healthy Breakfast E-book

Naturally Intense™ Food Journal

Additional Options

Workout Guides

Get 4 weeks worth of Naturally Intense High Intensity Training fat burning and muscle building workouts to help you make the most out of your diet plans.

Only $99 a month!

Ongoing Diet Subscriptions

Your body is changing and adapting to the new plan, plus meals can get boring, schedules may change, LIFE happens.  We get it!  You don’t want these to throw off your progress so let’s shake things up and we’ll update your plan with a new assessment based on your results and progress photos, NEW MEALS, and nutrient balances to keep up with your body’s progress and keep the results coming!

Only $99 a month!

Real People- Real Results!

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