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Aerobics Don’t Work For Weight Loss

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Aerobic Exercises Such As Running Are Not The Key To Getting Into Shape!

Running, especially can be a major cause of injury, and so many fill the parks and streets eager to improve their overall shape. While running can indeed be a pleasure for many, (there is a euphoria that comes with a good run), but it still is not an effective means of shaping up, and almost inevitable injury risks aside, it will not get you the cover model look. Each time a runner's foot hits the ground, for example, it generates forces equivalent to at least three times the body's weight Common injuries such as Runner’s Knee, Iliotibial Band Syndrome, Shin Splints, Achilles Tendinitis, Heel Pain (Heel Spurs and Plantar Fasciitis). Physicians estimate that at least 70% of all runners will incur some form of injury, and my experience has been that almost everyone that I have worked with that ran regularly had an overuse injury caused by their running, in spite of their being conscientious about warming up, stretching and wearing proper shoes.

Intense Resistance Exercise- The Key To Sustained Fat Loss

So what should you do to lose fat? The answer- build muscle through brief but intensive resistance exercise. The most important part of losing fat is maintaining or increasing overall muscle mass. From a metabolic standpoint, every pound of muscle added to the body of an adult female will require an additional 75-100 calories per day to maintain its existence.


The average person, through a program of proper resistance training can add enough muscle to easily burn an additional 3500 calories per week from the muscle mass gained. The amount of resistance exercise required to effect such a change through the Naturally Intense Training System is less than one hour per week when done under proper supervision. How does that compare to the number of hours spent slaving over a Stairmaster without seeing any real results?

Time To Exercise

According to some statistics done on gym memberships, as much as 98% of those that purchase a gym membership will quit after three to six months. With aerobic exercise being the mainstream training program, most are frustrated by the huge time commitment of having to be on a machine or in a class several times a week for an hour or more each time. They are also frustrated by the lack of tangible results, and so they quit.

Effective Fat Loss=Muscle Building Exercise & Proper Diet!

As far as fat loss is concerned, the most efficient way to get maximum results is to engage in muscle building, high intensity, low frequency resistance exercise, while following a diet tailored to reducing body fat and promoting muscle growth. For optimal results on such a program one would also have to eliminate excessive aerobic activity.

That Aerobics Are Used By Many Athletes & Models That Use Performance Enhancing Drugs Does Not Mean You Should Do Them As Well!

Many comment about the routines employed by several of the bodybuilders, and fitness model types in the magazines and general media where they use aerobics to reduce their body fat. This is true, but it should be noted that a non steroid-using individual has a limited amount of resources available for his or her recovery from resistance exercise workouts. With the prevalence of performance enhancing drugs in the physique world, aerobics is very much a part of getting into shape, since their bodies operate very differently from the way the average non enhanced male or female's body would work.

However, since it is very easy to over train by doing too many exercises or too much additional activity, the biological effects of too much aerobic type exercise would compromise the body’s ability to build or even maintain muscle as a result of overtraining, as well as make the body increase or hold on to existing fat stores.

All of the authorities on natural bodybuilding that I have had the honor of  knowing agree on this key point. You don't hear about them that much, (if at all), however these are the very coaches with proven track records like myself that routinely assist hundreds of fitness models, and drug free physique competitors get into the shape that you see displayed. While it has become as easy as taking a pill to get into shape for many in the industry, there still exists the knowledge and know-how forged from years of experience of how to get someone into top shape, however, it does take work, and hopping on a Stairmaster or going for a run is not going to do it. Those that dispute this unfortunately never quite seem to look their best, but often continue to do aerobics in the hope that magically it will suddenly work for them, in a pattern of doing more and more until they eventually burn out or quit out of frustration.


So How Do You Get A Cardiovascular Workout Without Aerobic Type Exercise?- The Answer Is High Intensity Training?

So what about the importance of a cardiovascular workout? How can you get the heart benefits of aerobics if you are only weight training? Well, with regards to the heart and lungs it must be noted:


You simply cannot work your muscles without working your heart as well, the two are not somehow unconnected, and this is an obvious truism that seems to always get lost. Thus any improvement in muscle mass and strength will correspond with an improvement in cardiovascular health as well. Many of my clients are amazed at the just how big an impact their high intensity workouts have on their cardiovascular system, (they are almost always gasping for air at the end of their weight training workouts) and it is a simple fact that you cannot work at muscle at high intensity without significantly increasing your heart rate. Consider as well that sprinters, gymnasts and such all do high intensity type anaerobic exercises and they are not exactly known for their high rates of cardiovascular disease.

So what is the central theme of this article, namely that high intensity training, proper diet and avoidance of long-term steady state activity is the most efficient way to lose fat, build muscle and get into shape. As I mentioned before I’ve been a personal trainer for a long time now and have been training as a competitive bodybuilder for the past two decades, but most importantly, I am able to comfortably maintain a body fat level of 5% or less at all times and I have never done any type of repetitive type aerobic exercise at any point in my career to get into shape. Not only can I make that claim, but I have also helped so many others attain similar levels, both male and female over the years, that there must be some semblance of truth to the Naturally Intense System of Diet And Exercise™, while I have yet to see ANYONE achieve similar results through the use of aerobics. So get off the treadmill and pick up the weights if you really want ‘the look’!

Information contained in this article is not meant to treat, diagnose illness, nor substitute for medical counsel and is intended for purposes of information and education only. Consult your physician before modifying your diet or starting any exercise program.

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