The Best Health And Fitness Articles Of 2010 2

Best health and fitness articles of 2010

The Best Health And Fitness Articles Of 2010

2010 was a landmark year!  My blog won several awards for and most importantly had an average of over ten thousand people reading my articles each month! With a tight writing schedule of one new article every week, fifty-two articles a year, it isn’t always easy. I spend a lot of time painstakingly researching each post, but it is worth it! My thanks to all of my readers for the continued support and to commemorate this successful year I have complied for your browsing pleasure the most popular health and fitness articles on our blog for 2010. Be sure to subscribe to our monthly newsletter so you won’t miss a post!

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The Best Health And Fitness Articles Of 2010

Food And Self Control- How Do You Stop Cravings?
Self control is one of the hardest things when it comes to following a diet and research from the now famous ‘Marshmallow Experiment’ gives us some scientific insight into how we can increase our own self control.

Overcoming The Fear Of Going to The Gym
While lack of time is often cited as the number one reason why people don’t exercise- the fear involved in joining a gym is another often overlooked factor.

5 Tips For Eating Well And Losing Weight On A Budget
Can you lose weight and eat healthy while on a tight budget? Of course you can and here are five easy ways to do it!

Keeping Us Fat- Why Not Losing Weight Is Profitable
Given that we spend more money on weight loss than ever before the number of overweight people continues to climb, could not losing weight be more profitable?

Obesity And Chronic Disease- Is It Genes Or Lifestyle?
Many blame genes for the prevalence of obesity and metabolic disease in society, but research shows that lifestyle and environmental factors are to blame.

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Take Weight Loss Supplements
Here are five very valid reasons and eye opening reasons why you should never use weight loss supplements.

Being Skinny Doesn’t Mean Being Healthy
Contrary to popular belief being skinny isn’t always an indication of how healthy you are and you can be overweight and still be physically fit!

Is Exercise As Effective For Relieving Depression As Therapy and Medication?
Exercise has been proven as a preventive aid to major depression, but can it relieve depressive symptoms as well as medication and conventional therapies? Some research says it can!

You Can Eat Nuts Guilt Free And Not Gain Weight
Research shows that although nuts are high in calories, you can eat them with a very low risk of weight gain. Eating nuts also seems to help you stay on your diet!

As Little As One Drink Of Alcohol A Week Can Significantly Reduce Fat Loss
As little as one or two drinks a week can have a marked effect on your efforts to lose fat! Here is why.

The Dangers Of Visceral Abdominal Fat
Once it was thought that all fat was the same, but we know now that visceral abdominal fat can increase risk of metabolic syndrome, chronic inflammation, cancer and impair daily life.

Is It Safe To Exercise With A Cold?
A common question about the common cold- should you or should you not exercise when you have the sniffles. The answer may not be what you think it is!

Out of the 52 articles posted for 2010 there were some notable runner ups. Here they are:

The Best Health and Fitness Articles Of 2010- Honorable Mentions:

High Intensity Training Workouts For Women Increases Bone Density

The Biggest Loser- A Bad Example For Weight Loss

Does Weight Training Reduce Breast Size In Women?

Agave Isn’t A Healthy Sugar Alternative- It’s Worse Than Sugar

Short High Intensity Workouts Can Help Regulate Blood Sugar

Changing Your Diet Forever- Why Is It So Hard?

Not to forget our pick of most popular health and fitness article of 2009. With a total of almost 22,000 page views in 2010, this article tops the list as the most viewed post of the year-

Best Health & Fitness Article 2009

Is Subway Really Healthy?

Thanks again for reading and be sure to let me know in the comments which one was your favorite!

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