Top 10 Fitness Articles Of 2013

 top fitness articles of 2013

Top 10 Fitness Articles of 2013

Over the course of a year it’s hard to gauge which articles are the most popular as you always have the reality that articles written earlier in the year will have had a greater audience than those published later in the year. That being said, this year we devised our ‘Top 10 Fitness Articles For 2013’ by first looking at the articles with the most views over then assigning a rank based on social media likes and shares. I would like to thank the quarter of a million people who took the time to read our articles this year. Each piece is painstakingly researched as my goal is always quality over quantity and we look forward to continuing to bring you some of the best researched and best referenced exercise, diet, health and fitness articles on the internet. Without any further ado, here’s the best of 2013 and do be sure to ‘like’ and share your favorites!


Top 10 Fitness Articles of 2013

top fitness article 2013- Eating Chicken- What You Need To Consider

1. Eating Chicken- What You Need To Consider

While chicken has become a ubiquitous part of the Western diet, even organic free range varieties are radically different from the chickens from 100 years ago. This article takes a look at how changes in poultry production may negatively impact your health. A must read for anyone concerned about eating healthy! Click here to read more!

Our number 2 pick for our top fitness article of 2013

2. To Eat Meat Or Not To Eat Meat

The first in the series on the effects of modern food production, this article offers a science based look at the changes in our meat supply over the centuries and how those changes may be affecting our health. Highly recommended! Click here to read more!

Drinking alchol after exercise can severly reduce testosteron

3. Alcohol and Exercise- A Bad Combination

Many athletes drink after a workout without realizing that the combination of alcohol & exercise can significantly suppress testosterone and growth hormone production for as long as 24 hours thus invalidating any possible benefits from your training. A Must Read! Click here to read more!


Muscles don't turn into fat

4. Why People Store Fat In Different Parts of The Body

Genetics play a large role in where we store fat on our bodies- but so do environmental factors such as stress and how we react to it. In this article we explore the differences in where people store fat. Highly recommended! Click here to read more!


In spite of losing weight, continue to feel fat and out of shape long after the final layer of fat as melted away because they identify with the image of themselves that was developed earlier in life when they were overweight.

5. Weight Loss & Self Image- What’s In The Mirror Isn’t Always There

In spite of losing weight and transforming their bodies, many people find it difficult to enjoy the fruits of their labor as they still see themselves as fat & out of shape even though the mirror says otherwise. An article that everyone can benefit from reading! Click here to read more!

how eating late at night affects our bodies

6. Eating Late Can Make You Gain Weight

For years some have stood by the idea that eating later in the day can make you gain weight and also seriously impair your ability to lose weight and new findings in molecular biology show that this is indeed the case. A must read for anyone interested in losing weight!!! Click here to read more!


fasting can make you eat more

7. Can Foods Be Addictive?

When we think of words like ‘addictive’ images of drugs immediately come to mind. However, modern high fat and high sugar foods have been shown to stimulate the same pathways as commonly abused drugs and food addiction-like behavior is a real problem today for many in our society. Highly recommended! Click here to read more!


cortisol makes you overeat and overweight

8. Can Stress Make You Overweight?

An in-depth look at the mechanisms behind the human stress response can give us a clearer understanding of how stress can make us overeat and overweight. Highly recommended! Click here to read more!

There are major differences between how men and women lose weight

9. Why Men & Women Lose Fat Differently

Gender plays a huge role in not where we store fat and how we lose it and in this article we take an in-depth look at the differences in how men and women lose weight. Click here to read more!


Partial Rep Bench Press

10. Partial Reps vs Full range Of Motion- What Works Best?

While ‘bro science’ maintains a very real stigma against partial rep training, studies and the experience of world-class strength and Olympic level athletes show that partial reps can increase strength, muscle mass and may also help increase fat burning. A must read for any avid exerciser! Click here to read more!



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